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Wholesome Pickins Market & Bakery in Delhi

Market & Bakery
in Delhi, ON

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School Programs

Jenn is also a high school teacher and in the classroom there are so many opportunities to connect to the outside world. Wholesome Pickins is eager to begin School Tour Programs and we would love for educators of all levels to contact us if you are interested. We can tour the crops and equipment, discuss careers and plant life cycles, pick some fruit and connect life to the classroom. Come and enjoy a few hours on the farm and let us inspire the minds of students!

Breakfast Programs

In schools across Norfolk County there is a wonderful Breakfast Program run by staff and students. These programs allow students to gain hands on experience and provide every child with a nutritious start to the day. The value to these programs is immense and we have seen first hand what a difference they make for the students. If your school would like to add fresh or frozen berries to your breakfast program please contact us to arrange delivery!

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