All Local All The Time!

Every product we carry in the market comes direct from Norfolk County. We believe that local is better and we love that this means we can support so many great friends in the community. We also want our customers to feel they can get all the best in one location. We carry a wide variety of products and we are always growing to make sure you can stock up for any occasion at Wholesome Pickins!

Fruits and Vegetables


To compliment our delicious strawberries and raspberries we visit a ton of local farmers to stock up on the best produce you'll find anywhere. We carry virtually everything grown in Norfolk County, and we pick it up fresh daily. All of our farm partners can be found on our Norfolk's Best page. Each farm has a unique story and all of us are proud that our families can bring your family unsurpassed produce. Check our Produce Availability Guide to when produce is typically available.

Jensen Cheese


We carry a large selection of cheeses from these long-time locals. We are thrilled to have such great partners to work with. We carry about 10 varieties of their brick and cheddar cheeses, including flavoured and the REALLY OLD stuff people love! We have fresh cheese curds and we are happy to take special orders for anything else you may be interested in!

VG Meats


This award winning Simcoe farming family has built a reputation and selection of mouth-watering meat products that is second to none. Wholesome Pickins carries Beef and Pork Hotdogs, Norfolk Sausages, frozen NY Striploin and Tenderloin steaks, frozen hamburger patties, and a variety of the BEST pepperettes. We will also do custom orders - just send us a message!

Harmony Bakery & Pastry Shop


Delivered Fresh and Warm Daily!! We offer a delicious selection of homemade baking from our friends at Harmony. You can find a selection of fruit pies, tarts, cookies, and other treats as well as their world-famous potato buns and fresh breads. We don't typically stock on Monday and Tuesday and our inventory changes daily, so please let us know if you are looking for something specific.

Kernal Peanuts


Kernal Peanuts uses locally grown peanuts in all their products and they produce a huge range of goodies! We carry salted peanuts, a variety of chocolate covered nuts and treats, as well as, White Chocolate Popcorn (DELICIOUS!) We also have a selection of other nut products like cashews and beer nuts.

Harmony Hives Honey


We have two sizes of sweet honey from our great neighbors on Harmony Road. It's so good, you'll come in and thank us ;)

Vans Stone Ground Mustard


This Belgian Treat has been a local favourite for generations - haven't tried it yet? You should!

Sparkling Ciders


We carry a selection of sparkling ciders, jams and preserves from our neighbours at The Cider Keg. They use all local, homegrown ingredients, and all of their products offer the sweet taste of homemade!