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Wholesome Pickins Market & Bakery in Delhi

Market & Bakery
in Delhi, ON

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Pick-Your-Own Strawberry Patch in Delhi

Pick Your Own Strawberries is now CLOSED for the 2023 season


This season all containers will be provided by Wholesome Pickins. We have 1L, 4L, and 6 quart flats available. When you visit the farm you will enter the store and pre-pay for your container and the berries you will pick. Prices will vary, please ask in-store for current pricing. You will then be given directions to the field. You can drive to the field and park in the designated area.
You must sanitize your hands prior to entering the field. Sanitizer and hand washing is available in the field.
We ask that all members of a group stay in the same row while picking and you pick your entire area clean of all ripe fruit. You are asked to move your flag to the end of your picking area so the next customer knows where to begin.
We know how tasty the berries look, but this season we ask that there be absolutely zero sampling in the field.
Please maintain distance to create an enjoyable picking experience for all customers.
The patch is now closed for picking.

Our delicious June-bearing strawberry patch opens up to the public for about five weeks every year! We invite you to come on out and see all the joy the farm has to offer. Our pick-your-own strawberry patch is weed-free, always ripe and ready for you!

Pick Your Own Strawberries Delhi, Ontario
Come on out to the field and get your hands dirty!! The berries are waiting…