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Wholesome Pickins Market & Bakery in Delhi

Market & Bakery
in Delhi, ON

(519) 582-1114


Meet Our Team

We are so proud of all of the staff at Wholesome Pickins! Many of them have been with us for several seasons and they each make our farm a safe and happy place! We look forward to all the new staff joining us this year that will help make the business a warm and welcoming environment!

Sierra and Shian are 2 staff members that can do just about anything! Sierra is our longest working staff member, entering her 7th summer with us. She has had the opportunity to work in the store, field and even help with bakery prep, and this year she is taking on a big roll with staff, planning and much more!!! She works hard and has learned a huge variety of jobs on the farm. She can often be found as the right hand of David or Jenn. Shian was hired through the season 2 years ago and quickly learned the ropes in the store. Her hard work and outgoing personality is something David and Jenn strongly admire about her, and they can not wait for her to be here for another season!!

Previous store members Jaiden, Megan, Nicole and Paige will be back for another year helping serve all your needs in our store at 500 Church Street East. Come ask them your question on all our local products and more! They will be sure to amaze you with all their knowledge and insight on Wholesome Pickins market and bakery.

Our newest additions! Each year Wholesome Pickins looks forward to hiring new members to join our team! What better way to spend part of your day then walking into the smell of freshly baked pies, muffins, cookies and so much more, this year you can catch Paige and Melaine’s smiling face ready to greet you!

In the Bakery making all the delicious treats you’ve been waiting for, you will find Simone, Michelle, Elizabeth, Melissa and Sara. They will be happy to try and accommodate any of your cravings and will work hard in preparing the most delicious baking in Norfolk!