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Health & Safety

Wholesome Pickins commits to proactively ensuring the health and safety of every family member, employee and visitor at our farm. We will implement and enforce Health & Safety policies to prevent occupational injuries and illnesses. We will not accept a substandard performance on any Health & Safety issue from any employee. Our Health & Safety program works to decrease the potential for illness and injury on our farm. All employees are responsible for taking action to ensure his/her individual safety, as well as the safety of all other employees at the farm. Employees are versed in operational policies, standard operating practices for tasks on the farm, potential and identified hazards at work, emergency procedures, proper safety equipment, proper personal protective equipment, and safety training. All illnesses and injuries must be reported to David, Jennifer, or the Field Supervisor immediately.

There is a Health & Safety meeting every month at which minutes are taken and availed to all employees. Dictation and translation is available. The Health & Safety representatives will keep information confidential where appropriate. Wholesome Pickins commits to the health and safety of all members of our farm family. We welcome your input and we expect each team member to make a strong commitment to Health & Safety. We follow and uphold the practices in the Ontario FarmSafe Plan produced by the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association and Workplace Safety & Prevention Services.