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Wholesome Pickins Market & Bakery in Delhi

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in Delhi, ON

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About Us

Our family is always growing the best for your family!

Wholesome Pickins is owned and operated by David and Jenn VanDeVelde and two farm-raised helpers, Ryan and Emily. The beautiful farm landscape is located on the East side of Delhi, Ontario just a stone’s throw from Lake Erie. The farm market is moving into its 17th growing season and the budding market is quickly becoming known as the place to stop for farm fresh produce.

The VanDeVelde farm has been in operation since the early 1930’s when Archie VanDeVelde came from Belgium and settled in the area. He began growing Tobacco on several farms he owned in Norfolk County but chose to make the Delhi farm his home. The farm has thrived growing tobacco through the years and as David and Jenn looked to continue in the family business they chose to use their education in horticulture to take the farm in a different direction. They began growing strawberries in 2005 and in 2007 added ever-bearing strawberries to the fields. In the 2010 season the growing business saw many changes with the renovation of a brand new market. David and Jenn have also received a few awards recently that they are very proud of and honoured to accept. Awards and Nominations

Albion Strawberries
Fresh strawberries until Thanksgiving!

David and Jenn take great pride in the farm. Both were educated at the University of Guelph and it was during this time that a mutual desire to build a family farm market was realized. David graduated with diplomas in Agriculture and Horticulture while Jenn completed a Bachelor of Science with honors. After completing university it was clear that the farm would become their home. Transitioning the long running tobacco farm was a slo starting project. The berry farm began with just three acres of June bearing strawberries that were sold from an old tobacco tying machine that had been remodeled.

David and Jenn also believe in the berry industry; both are active members of the Ontario Berry Growers’ Association. Jenn is the new Vice-President, and David is the treasurer. There is great value in these types of organizations. Nothing is a better asset than a well-versed farmer!

Wholesome Pickins commits to producing top quality, consistent Strawberries and Raspberries. The market commits to offering superior products all LOCAL to Norfolk County. Our farm business commits to proactively protecting the health and safety of our employees, family and customers. Wholesome Pickins commits to ensuring each customer has a friendly and positive experience at our family farm.

Know Where Your Food Comes From!

The heart of the business remains strawberries and it is the ever-bearing berries that are making waves across Norfolk County. These delicious berries begin producing in late May and continue to bear large-size, bright red fruit until Thanksgiving. This crop has caused many whispers through the county as many customers just can’t believe they can get fresh strawberries in August! We continue to increase the acreage of these great berries and we look forward to many happy August customers.

With the help of the rich, sandy Norfolk County soil, area farmers are able to grow a wide-variety of fruits and vegetables. The market also carries our own raspberries and fall bearing raspberries. We also provide Norfolk’s best-tasting sweet corn, new potatoes, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, green and yellow beans, cherries, blueberries, cucumbers, asparagus and other in-season fruits and veggies all grown by our friends and neighbors. Everything sold at Wholesome Pickins is fresh from a Norfolk County farm because we believe it is important to know where your food comes from!

Wholesome Pickins Market is Always Growing to become your one stop shopping for fresh, local products!

Wholesome Pickins in Delhi, Ontario
Wholesome Pickins Market Front

We are 100% committed to providing all of the best that Norfolk County has to offer. This season you will be able to find a variety of cheese products manufactured by Jensen Cheese in Simcoe. Hotdogs, sausages, frozen hamburgers and steaks from VG Meats, as well as a delicious variety of peanuts, nuts and snacks from Kernal Peanuts in Vittoria. You can also purchase honey made by our neighbors at Harmony Hives and fresh warm baking made directly by our one of a kind bakers right here at the home farm. Check out our All The Best Stuff Comes From Norfolk page for more information on the local companies we love to work with!