Pick-Your-Own Strawberries


Come on out to the field and get your hands dirty!! The berries are waiting...

Season: Early June - Early July

NOW OPEN! 9-6 7 days/wk

Our delicious June-bearing strawberry patch opens up to the public for about five weeks every year! From early June until early July we invite our customers to come on out and see all the joy the farm has to offer. Our pick-you-own strawberry patch is weed-free, always ripe and ready for you! We encourage you to bring along your "little pickers", after all, who has more fun in the berry patch then they do!

During pick-your-own season, our farm and market hours are 8am-8pm, 7 days a week (regular hours are 9am-6pm). We encourage you to bring your own containers in which to put your pickins. If you need some baskets - don't worry, we'll always have some, and they range in size and price. Berries are sold by weight.